Investment Kits

Request an Investment Kit from Shepherd’s Finance

All of the information and forms you need in order to invest with Shepherd’s Finance are available on this website. If we are eligible to receive investments in your State (see the list in the drop-down box below), you can also request an Investment Kit by completing the following short form below. Once you complete the form and click the “Submit” button, we will send you an email containing a link to the Investment Kit.

  • We only offer notes to residents of the states listed below. If you would like to receive notification in the event we become eligible to offer notes in your state, then please follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.

    "Please send me an Investment Kit right away. I certify that I am a resident of the following state:"


Ineligible States

If you are interested in the Notes but do not reside in one of the eligible states, Send us a Message.


Questions? If you have any questions about your state’s eligibility, please contact Dan Wallach directly at (302) 752-2688 today.


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